All students must be aware of the following:

  • Access to scientific databases

Students can access most scientific journals from any computer at UFPR and also from home. Instructions can be fount at Portal da UFPRand at #Link

  • Tuition

There is no tuition for Master/PhD courses of the Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR, Brazil). In addition, students can receive a scholarship from CAPES, CNPq or Fundação Araucária/PR as a financial support during their studies.

  • Statute

Students and supervisors must read and be aware of the Program statute.

  • Project

Students of master and PhD courses must hand in a written research project up to 60 days of enrolment in the Graduate Program, according to this guide #Link

  • Reports

Students of master’s course must hand in a written report on the current status of project execution in the beginning of October of the second year of course.#Link

Students of PhD course must hand in a written report on the current status of project execution every year in the end of October.#Link

  • Courses

Students are responsible for enrollment and cancellation in the courses. The cancellation in one or more courses may occur during the first half of its schedule, with justification and consent of the supervisor, through SIGA, as stated in the Resolução 32/17-CEPE.

Information from PRPPG of UFPR:

‘Cancellation of enrollment in the courses:

Art. 27 – The cancellation in one or more subjects may occur during the first half of its program, with justification and consent of the advisor.

Single paragraph. The cancellation of enrollment is the responsibility of the student and will be done in the academic management platform of the graduate of UFPR of PRPPG.

Entering the Student Portal it is possible to visualize the whole schedule of the course and the deadline for cancellation of enrollment.

Therefore, whenever this type of situation occurs, the student himself must enter the Student Portal and request the cancellation of his enrollment in the discipline that is not taking place until the deadline in the class schedule.

Attention: if the student loses the cancellation period by the system, this will appear as ‘Failed’ in the academic history of the student, since it is not possible to authorize the cancellation of extemporaneous enrollment, due to the resolution of UFPR.

  • Sandwich phD

PhD students can apply to be part of their doctorate abroad. Talk to your supervisor and be aware of the opportunities offered by CNPq and CAPES.

  • Sugestion of defense referees

Your supervisor must send a list of names of possible referees for your dissertation or thesis defense to a collegiate meeting of the course up to 45 days before the deadline (24 months for the master’s course and 48 months for the doctoral course). #Link

  • Prerequisites for defense request
  1. Credits – All students must manage their enrolments on the courses to fulfill the credits required for master’s (18 credits) and phD (36 credits) courses. Students must be approved in all core courses.
  2. English Test – All students must take and be approved in a English suficiency or proficiency test. UFPR usually offers the test only once a year. Be aware of the deadline and take the test as soon as possible to avoid having to pay for a test such as TOEFL, Cambrigde and others.
  3. Approval in committee of ethics for animal or human research (necessary for execution of the research project).
  4. Negative certificate of debts in the library.
  5. Preliminary version of the dissertation or thesis.
  6. Qualification – phD students must be approved in phD qualifying exams taken at the 3rd and 4th year of phD course.
  7. PhD course: submission or publication of 1 paper (among one of the three highest classifications of Qualis CAPES CBII), with the student being the first or corresponding author #Link

All documents must be send by email ( for course collegiate meeting not later than 30 days before the defense deadline.

  • Diploma

To request the Master’s or phD diploma the student must have been approved during his/her defense, make the corrections requested by the referees on the dissertation/thesis and handing in to the secretary of the Graduate Program, and publish the data of the dissertation/thesis in at least one paper (Qualis CAPES CBII >= B2). Other documents are also requested  (see Program Statute for details). Diploma must be requested not later than 5 years after dissertation/thesis defense.

Students must follow the steps and rules determined by the Library before handle in the final version fo Dissertation/thesis to the secretary. #Link


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